Amy Swartz is a Toronto-based visual artist. She creates highly detailed and meticulously crafted collections that combine both natural and artificial materials in sculpture, installation and drawing. Her work explores the idea of obsession — not only in the practice of art, but also in humanity’s perceived control over nature, life, and death. As R.M. Vaughan wrote, “Swartz makes even the tiniest deaths meaningful (and, yes, morbidly funny).”


" Swartz's savage realm, no moral compass keeps cruel behaviour in check, and David is often conquered by Goliath. This mirrors nature, of course, leaving us to simply bear witness to viciousness that bears an eerie resemblance to our own." - Erin Finley, Onomatopoeic Violence: Pest at the Redpath Museum

Recent and Upcoming Exhibitions


Ontario Wide Biennale, Thames Art Gallery, Toronto Ontario 2017 (group)

Back to the Drawing Board, Loop Gallery, Toronto ON 2017 (group)

Capacity 3 Gallery, Boarding House Arts, Dublin Street, Guelph ON 2017 (solo)

Other Worlds Lieutenant Governor’s Suite, Queen’s Park Toronto ON 2016 (group)

Down the Rabbit Hole Robert Langen Gallery, Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo ON 2017 (solo)

Art Attack, Buddies in Bad Times, Toronto ON 2016 (Art Auction)

Pest at the Redpath Museum McGill University, Montreal QC 2016 (solo)

Pest, ARTSPACE, Peterborough ON 2015 (solo)

Precious Little, Grimsby Art Gallery, Grimsby ON 2014 (group)

Pest, Definitely Superior Art Gallery, Thunder Bay ON 2014 (solo)

Proximity to Animals, Glass Box Gallery, OCAD University Toronto ON 2014 (group)

There and Back Again, Doris McCarthy Gallery, Toronto ON 2014 (group)

 Pest, Cambridge Galleries, Preston Gallery, Cambridge ON 2013​​ (solo) 

Pest, Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory, Cambridge ON 2013 (solo)

Pest, Durham Art Gallery, Durham ON  2013 (2 person)
Pest, Angell Gallery, East Gallery Toronto, ON. 2011 (solo)


Recent Awards

Canada Council Project/Creation Grant 2018

Ontario Arts Council, Visual Artist Grant 2009, 2012, 2016

BAiR, Banff Centre for the Arts 2014

Ontario Arts Council, Exhibition Assistance Grant 2017 (Recommender: Art Museum, University of Toronto)

Ontario Arts Council, Exhibition Assistance Grant 2015 (Recommender: Mercer Union)

Ontario Arts Council, Exhibition Assistance Grant 2015 (Recommender: YYZ)

Ontario Arts Council, Exhibition Assistance Grant 2012 (Recommender: Power Plant)

Ontario Arts Council, Exhibition Assistance Grant 2012 (Recommender: Burlington Art Gallery)

Toronto Arts Council, Visual Artist Grant 2010


Erin Finley

JJ Lee

Sue Tarr Timmins  

Sandy Nicholson Photography


​Andrea Hamlin Photography

Natalie Waldburger

OCAD University

Angell Gallery

Cambridge Galleries

Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory

Durham Art Gallery

​Toronto Entomologist Association​


Thank you

For Insect Donations, thank you to:

Alan Macnaughton, Glenn Richardson - Toronto Entomologists' Association / Tim Cooey - Ontario Science Center / Professor Miriam Richards - Brock University / Dushana Bondy - Abell Pest Control / Maddy Hudson - Toronto Bee Keeper / Butterflies and Roses / Adrienne Brewster - Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory / Howard Public School Students and Parents / Toronto School of Art Students / OCAD University Students and faculty/ Peterson-Badali Family / Parkdale/High Park friends and neighbours / Andrea Hamlin / Pam Patterson / Stephanie Cormier / Donald Davis.

Special thank you to:​
Andrew Peterson (cabinet maker for Hypo and Pest) Sandy Nicholson Photography (Photographer for Pest details and Exhibition at Angell Gallery), Andrea Hamlin Photography

Selected Profesional Experience

Faculty of Art Lecturer, OCAD University

Faculty of Art Lecturer, University of Toronto Scarborough Campus

Faculty of Art Instructor, Toronto School of Art


M.F.A.York University, Toronto, ON

B.F.A. Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Vancouver BC
B.A. Cultural Studies, Trent University, Peterborough ON




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